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sustainability fit to Your small business

Connect with Employees, Customers & Investors

88% of millennials report that they feel more satisfied at work when they receive the opportunity to impact sustainability issues.

Satisfy customers. Retain employees. Maximize profit.

Get Sustainability Fit to Your Small Business

Early Stage Business

Who: You are in pre-launch or have launched your business within the past year.

What: Save money in your supply chain, market to millennial customers, or integrate sustainability into your business plan.

How: Project-based consulting based on your needs and budget.

Small Business

Who: You are curious about sustainability and want to take action. You’ve been in business at least two years.

What: Get specific ways to reduce pertinent resources, your own data collection system and a communication plan.

How: Hourly or project based, up to you.

SPecific Sustainability Topic

Who: You are either small or early stage and want to integrate sustainability into a specific topic, product or function.

What: Setting up a waste plan? Need help communicating current strategies? Launching a product focused on sustainability?

How: Project-based consulting based on your needs and budget.

73% of millennials will pay more for an item from a sustainable brand.

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