Green Buoy Consulting


Save Your Small Business Money & Resources

83% of millennials show extra loyalty to companies that are impacting the environmental and social space.

Boost your bottom line

Get specific strategies to track and conserve waste, water and energy. Share cost savings with customers, use them to design a new product, or invest them in sustainable strategies.

Gain Market advantage

We’ll show you how to stand out from the competition. Sprint ahead by reducing costs and strengthening stakeholder relationships. Create a business that engages and keeps employees.

Build Brand Loyalty

Green Buoy gives you communication strategies to broadcast your habits. Share your sustainability to appeal to customers, investors and employees.

Companies that manage & plan for climate change deliver an 18% higher return on investment compared to non-planning peers.

About Green Buoy

Focus on your business and have sustainability taken care of. I give you strategies tailored to the processes and projects you already have, so you don’t have to adapt to someone else’s idea of sustainability. I’m Eliza, the founder of Green Buoy. I have an MLA in Sustainability from the Harvard Extension School and a BS in Business Administration from Boston University. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest taking sustainability for granted. I want to show you that sustainability is not one size fits all.


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