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Small Business Sustainability FAQ

Questions About Sustainability?

How Will Sustainability Benefit My Small Business?

Sustainability helps you cut costs, engage employees, and gain customers. Research shows that sustainability benefits all areas of your business.

What is Small Business Sustainability?

Small Business Sustainability is taking steps to improve your small business' societal and environmental impact.

How Can I Make My Small Business More Sustainable?

Make your small business more sustainable by taking steps to mitigate your environmental impact. Find ways to reduce waste, water or energy in daily operations. Engage customers and ask what they would like to see or email vendors for suggestions. Check out the blog for more suggestions.

A restaurant decides to reduce food waste in its kitchen through sourcing changes, prep guidelines, and portion control.

A retail store uses LED lights exclusively and sets a goal to find six eco-friendly products to sell in the next six months.

What Are Examples of Small Business Sustainability?

This depends on your needs, size of your business and goals. Sustainability takes some up front effort to set up systems and checklists but once you've set up a system, it takes less time each week!

How Much Time Do I Need For Sustainability?