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Restaurant Sustainability Playbook: Energy

Restaurant Sustainability Playbook: Energy


Feeling overwhelmed with sustainability? The Energy Playbook provides step-by-step energy reduction for your restaurant, completed on your own time. Grow your bottom line and competitive advantage.

Each Energy Playbook includes:

  1. PDF with step-by-step guidelines on how to reduce, including space to fill in your data

  2. How to engage employees, track savings, set goals and share information

  3. Comprehensive Excel book with tracking, graphs, and goal setting

  4. Time and people estimates to complete tasks on your schedule

Complete the Playbook and See:

  1. Increased profit with specific strategies to reduce energy

  2. Improved employee engagement from sustainability inclusion

  3. Competitive advantage to differentiate your bar/restaurant

  4. Environmental and community benefits from reduced pollution and energy use

  5. Amplified visibility with sustainability data to share with customers, investors, and employees

Watch the video below to see the Playbook for yourself.

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