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Sustainability Playbook FAQ

Answers to all your Playbook Questions

Can you explain the methodology again?

The Playbook follows the same methodology for each section- collect data, reduction methods and reporting. The restaurant completes each of these steps to save money and resources.
Each book includes:
1. Step-by-Step guidelines on how to reduce, including space to fill in your data
2. How to engage employees, track savings, set goals and share sustainability information
3. Comprehensive Excel book with tracking, graphs, and goal setting 4. Time and people estimates to complete sustainability on your schedule

How Do I Get the Book After I Pay for It?

Thanks for your purchase! The digital download link will show on the screen once you’ve purchased your Playbook. You will also get an email with a link to the Playbook and the Excel file. Open it, save it and you're set! This link will last for 24 hours so please open and save it as soon as you receive the email. If you do not have Excel, download the information into Google sheets by right clicking on the file, selecting “open with” and then “Google Sheets.”

How Do I Save the Book?

Save it in a shared file folder for multiple employees to access as needed. Save it in the same place as the excel.

What if I need longer checklists?

Copy the checklists into the excel document and work off of that saved copy.

How do you currently assign tasks to employees? Via email, text or in person communication? Use that same way for the Playbook.

What’s the best way to assign information?

To help with turnover, assign shifts instead of people."Host/Hostess" works just as well as a person's name. That way the task stays with the business. You can also just change the name directly in the playbook.

I have employee turnover. What do I do when someone who’s assigned a task has left?

Excel is tricky! The input information for each tab is color-coded. The Playbook provides extra detail about the KPI and goals tabs. The formulas are locked into the excel for your benefit. Email with anything else.

If you do not have Excel, download the information into Google sheets by right clicking on the file, selecting “open with” and then “Google Sheets.”

I’m confused about the Excel

Email to get in touch with Eliza

Who Do I Contact with Questions?

Have them email with your name and we’ll give them a discount.

How Do I Refer a Friend to the Playbook?

One Playbook per restaurant is the best way to use your Playbook. We offer a discount for restaurants groups, buy more than 3 and 30% off with code GROUP30 .

Can I Use the Playbook for more than one restaurant?

We are working on more Playbooks! Email with what type you'd like to see next! If your the first with the idea and we make it, it’s yours free!

I'm not a bar or restaurant, is there a Playbook for me?

The Playbook was designed to pay for itself within 12 months. If you have filled out each section in full and completed all of the reduction methods, you will see a savings. If that's not the case, email

What is your refund policy?

Green Buoy uses Stripe for its payments. Learn more about Stripe here.

What payment methods do you accept?

We'd love to chat! Email for press opportunities.

I want to write about the Playbook

Green Buoy creates the Playbook. Started by Eliza Erskine, Green Buoy creates sustainability plans for small and early-stage businesses. Want a consult? Email and say you're a Playbook customers to jump the line and get a discount on services.

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