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This is Sustainability for You

Your Small Business Needs a Sustainability Strategy

This post is for people who are on the fence about sustainability. You’ve thought about, it intrigues you, you’re trying to convince other people in your company to get on board. Let me break it down for you. In short, sustainability benefits your business and the planet.

Climate Change is here. Period.

If you believe in gravity, you should also believe in Climate Change. All the major scientists, governments and nations agree that humans have caused the warming of the climate and it is affecting us every day. Choices we make today affect our children’s children and us. It’s time to start acting like it. The choices you make in energy, waste and water affect the globe and your community. Making smart choices about where you purchase food for your restaurant, what clothing you stock or where you throw your trash all influences the environment. 

Your customers want it

The Research Is Here. Customers are willing to pay for sustainability, and customers that are willing to pay for sustainability will be the majority of the moneymaking public, by 2025 (aka the workforce). Adopting sustainability as a business practice makes you valuable to your customers. Do it for your bottom line. Attract these customers by showing them what you are doing and sharing your sustainability strategies on social media, your website, and your products. 

Save Money

It’s a no brainer, right? Spending less on resources means more to take home for you and your employees. Small tweaks and repetition can change the amount you pay for waste, water or energy. No matter your business type or profit margin, you can find savings by starting a sustainability program. When you start a program, be sure to track your savings.Check out the Playbook if you’re a restaurant owner.

Employee Engagement

If the majority of the workforce are millennial that care about sustainability and they are purchasing your product, doesn’t that mean they are also AT work in your company? How many of your employees are millennial? Engage their sustainability interest with a set program. I bet if you bring it up, they will research, they will look, they will hunt down strategies for your business. You just need to start the clock. These strategies are a win-win because employees want to stay working and your business becomes more sustainable.

Competitive Advantage

You’re a restaurant on a street with 4 other restaurants. You serve macaroni, the person next door starts serving macaroni. You bring in new beers, so do they. You start composting your food and sharing farmers on the menu, wait, they aren’t doing that. Outperform your neighbor and lead your neighborhood.

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