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2019 Sustainability Resource Roundup

Consider this your go to place for sustainable and small business resources! Here are the resources I trust and recommend to clients. Find out about environmental issues including food, food waste, energy, products and more. Read on for the good stuff.


Farmers markets are a great resource for personal and office food consumption. I also recommend new restaurants begin looking there to find farms they want to partner with or what local food is available in your area. Find your local farmer’s market:

Find information about in season produce and other information here: . Use this to help with menu planning, Instagram discussion, or vendor review. Knowledge is power!  

    Food Waste 

National Resources Defense Council has tons of relevant information, but I’m partial to their food waste data: and local food site: . Use this to get concrete data to share with investors or to price our your own food waste ideas. Local food systems are a great way to find vendors or farmers.

ReFED is another solid source of information, specifically on food waste: . Use their policy finder to check on food waste in your area: . These policies will help you determine the best way to set up a food waste system at home or in your business. Different policies affect your food waste goals, so check here before you dive in.

Tenzo is a UK company that works with technology and food waste. They have a great round up that includes statistics here:


The Environmental Working Group is a fantastic resource about human health and the environment and what products influence it, for better or worse. Their blog posts, lists, and research are top notch. Check out their information on food, farms, and water supply,

The EPA has a resource on how to determine between environmental seals and how to watch for greenwashing. Find it here: . It goes through federal purchasing requirements. This can be helpful if you are choosing between cleaning products or are curious about a seal on a product you use currently.


Curious about other sustainable businesses or the general state of sustainable business? Check out . I check this site daily for updates, news, and sustainable excitement.

As a contributor, I’m slightly biased but I love reading Conscious Company, . Their site has great examples and stories from likeminded business owners and is consistently updated. Their site is separated by category so it’s easy to brush up on a single topic if you’d like.

The Climate Fwd. newsletter is one I read each week. You can sign up for it, here: . It’s helpful for the latest science and information about climate change and is great content to share with employees or customers.

 One more newsletter, I like 3BL Media’s as well: .


The web is a great resource for energy reduction ideas, stories, and suggestions. You can compare lightbulbs, find calculators and use seasonal tips. Https:// has lots of tips, tricks, and insights into energy efficiency. Dig deep for statistics, use cases and other information to reduce energy in your business.  

Also check your state’s website and local government sites to view sustainability and energy reduction information. Many states have free audits or other information that you can take advantage of in your business.

The site has information about how to recycle, live an environmentally friendly life and energy reduction. Check this page out for general information.


A user-friendly, helpful guide to reducing your water intake is . This shows you the water in food, how to reduce your consumption from local water sources, and how water affects daily life.

Share your favorite resources in the comments, below.

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