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Summer Sustainability In Your Restaurant

Summer is finally in sight! Changing seasons means changing sustainability habits. Use the below suggestions to guide your summer sustainability efforts. Take the best of summer- fresh produce, longer days, and patios- and use them to fuel your strategies. Then tie it all together with a goal. Check out the Playbook if you’re a restaurant owner.


The patio is the bright part of summer! Please consider using a broom or other non-water method to clean your patio. Do not send excess water and chemicals down the drain to make your patio shine. Consider a water broom if you must use water, or use recycled water to clean your patio and furniture. Doing a good sweep each night is usually enough to keep it tidy.

Utilize Outdoor Space

Use your outdoor space to grow herbs or flowers. Flowers help create opportunities for bees to pollinate. Use herbs in cocktails, food, or offer them to guests to take home. More green is good for the world. It also looks beautiful!


This is a big one and can provide serious summer savings! Reduce your AC needs by using open air when possible. Especially if it gets cool at night, limit AC after the sun goes down. Open windows instead. These windows can also provide light so you can reduce your electricity usage. Experiment with candles at nighttime and take advantage of late sunsets to reduce your electricity bill.

Take it to the kitchen too. Experiment with extra salads or other raw foods on your menu. Is there a day a week you can limit your oven time? If you cannot limit AC, ensure that air is not escaping through open doors or window cracks. Make sure your refrigerator and freezer door seals are working properly and not letting air escape. These appliances work extra hard in the summer. 

Highlight Produce

With so much fresh, amazing produce in summer, it is a great opportunity to highlight farms you work with by sharing information with customers. Choose a week to highlight a specific produce. Share it on Facebook, the menu and Instagram. Interview the farmer and share how the produce is integral to their farm health and your menu. 

Set a Summer Goal 

Pick a focus area- water, energy, food waste and set a goal to hit by the end of summer. If you are passionate about energy reduction, work to reduce your bill 5% during each summer month. Interview 10 farmers on your Instagram story by Labor Day. These goals do not have to be hard or annoying. Take your interest area and focus your goal there. Share your goal with staff or in external communication to increase accountability. Share your goal with customers on Instagram.

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